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Oct 17, 2015 Zinefest Houston
May 28, 2015 SENSORY: RAWartists
Oct 04, 2014 Zinefest Houston
Jul 14, 2014 Space City Chronicles Live
May 03, 2014 Menilfest

May 20, 2015 - New Short Story: A Stag In Suburbia

A new short story has been added: A Stag In Suburbia. I had the privilege to collaborate with a promising new author Josh McCormack. If you're on Tumblr, go give him a follow and see what else he has to show! The comic is in full color and it's a quick read so go check it out!
Posted by Chris on 05/20/2015, 10:57 AM

Mar 27, 2015 - New Event: SENSORY is an organization that showcases local independent artists from a wide variety of media: visual art, photography, hair & makeup, fashion, film and performance. In an odd turn of events, I've been asked to be one of their featured artists at an event coming up called SENSORY.

The event is Thursday, May 28, and it goes from 7:00AM to 11:30PM. There will be a very eclectic group of artists there as you can imagine, and so far I'm really the only comic artist.

It is a ticketed event though! Tickets are $15 if you order them using this link otherwise it will be $20 at the door. I will be selling comics and original art including bristol board comic inks and watercolor paintings.

Posted by Chris on 03/27/2015, 10:26 PM

Sep 29, 2014 - Zinefest Houston Approaching

Zinefest is nearly upon us! I will be sharing a table with my friend and comic compadre Ben Humeniuk (aka Hipogram). I'll be selling copies of Angus & Darling, Jesus Christ Manatee, and a couple other zines you'll have to swing by and see! I'll also have a couple prints for sale, including my Typographic Map of Houston!

Please come by and say hi!

Posted by Chris on 09/29/2014, 11:05 AM

Sep 3, 2014 - Angus & Darling updates resume, and Skweegie Island link

Angus & Darling has resumed its regular Tuesday updates. I've also introduced a couple picture links at the top of the story page that will help jumping to the most recent page.

Also, I've added a new link to the suggested reading, Skweegie Island by M Austin Bedell. Bedell is a comic artist from Austin, TX who I had the pleasure of meeting at Menilfest. He has a very eccentric and colorful artistic style that makes his stories highly entertaining. He puts his comics up on his website free to read, but I suggest grabbing some of his comics in print form, and if you're ever at an event in Austin or Houston, go up to him and say hi.

Posted by Chris on 09/03/2014, 01:41 PM
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